5 Steps YOU can take to defeat Trump


This is the time of year when we get to pick our future political leaders.  Most of us do not go to rallies and do not have the opportunity to attend events staged by the Presidential candidates, which are only held in a few swing states anyway. But there are a few simple things that each of  us can do to shape and influence the course of events. If you do not want Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States, here’s how you can stop him.


  1. Vote. Make sure you are registered and apply for a mail-in or absentee ballot. If you prefer to vote in person, vote early if your district allows for this. (You will appreciate not having to wait in lines on Election Day.) Even if your Presidential candidate is far ahead in the polls, vote anyway. Your vote also matters for many other candidates that need your support in the House, the Senate and in state and local elections. And help any friends or family members who need transport to get to polling stations.  Every vote is important.
  2. Republicans, if you cannot stomach Trump and yet cannot bring yourself to vote for Hillary, vote for the Libertarian Party. Gary Johnson and William Weld, the party’s candidates for President and Vice President, are both former Republican governors (NM and MA) who have executive experience and are moderate conservatives.
  3. Democrats, if you are still mourning for Bernie, remember that he has urged you to vote for Hillary and all the other Democratic candidates on the ticket. There is a lot more at stake than who is President. Control of the Senate and the appointment of Supreme Court justices who share your values are just as vital.
  4. Everyone, vote against anyone who has endorsed Trump or whom Trump is supporting. Let’s throw out the baby and the babysitters.
  5. Contribute to Democratic Senate candidates in the following states (even if you do not live there) where the Republican incumbents are up for re-election in states that usually tend to be liberal-leaning: Wisconsin, Illinois, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Ohio and Florida.

Choose one or two of these states and send a check for $27 or more (thank you, Bernie, for the idea) to the Democratic challenger.  I just contributed in this way myself.

In Wisconsin, support Russell Feingold.  russfeingold.com

In Illinois, support Tammy Duckworth.  TammyDuckworth.com

In New Hampshire, support Maggie Hassan.  MaggieHassan.com

In Pennsylvania, support Katie McGinty.  katiemcginty.com

In Missouri, support Jason  Kander.  jasonkander.com

In Ohio, support Ted Strickland.  tedstrickland.com

In Florida, support  Patrick Murphy  murphyforflorida.com


Your vote and your financial support can make  a big difference.



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