Trumpets, Heralds and Transitional Objects

Most of the television and press commentary on the U.S. Presidential elections comes from loquacious, overly educated, older white guys (rather like me) with the occasional loquacious, highly educated white woman such as Maureen Dowd of the New York Times or Megyn Kelly of Fox News thrown in for diversity. We are all pretty good at marshaling facts, analysis, theories, arguments and other traditional elements of reasoned debate.

But there are other ways to understand the bigger picture of what is evolving in this election through other (non-mental) perspectives that arise from intuitive insights into evolutionary consciousness.

A few days ago a friend sent me a You Tube video called “2016 Psychic Presidential  Prediction”.  If you are like me, you may not spend a lot of time reading or viewing psychic predictions. But this video opened my mind, and other levels of awareness, to the many, many valuable ways that we humans have to perceive our universe.

Imagine it is the last days of winter and the sun is staying a little longer in the sky each day. Underneath the surface of your garden, last year’s daffodil bulbs are extending their root systems and the first hard shoot of this year’s flower begins to pierce the bulb and head upward to the light.  It’s still not visible to your eye.  But if you are a professional gardener who is attuned to the seasons and to the plant world, you may sense that this growth process has already begun even though it is still invisible.  You just “know” it is time to add some fertilizer to the soil or to rake back the remaining leaves from the fall so that the earth is ready for these early shoots to break through.

A psychic works somewhat in this way. They are attuned to energetic movements that may not yet have surfaced openly or publicly.  They have a slightly more sensitive sensory capacity, just as dogs may smell things we are unaware of or cats may hear sounds that are inaudible to us. Many artists experience the world in different ways from the average person, and their use of color or form or perspective changes our own way of seeing reality.

Let me introduce now you to Danielle Egnew, the creator of this video. I love her aliveness, her different slant, her refreshing common sense – and her pyjamas! She is worth 9 minutes of your time.

I called this post Trumpets, Heralds and Transitional Objects because, after listening to Danielle, I started looking at each of the three Presidential candidates as people playing parts in a great drama.

Trumpets for Donald, so full of sound and bluster and masculine, martial pride. The old order that is passing.  It still has some brassy vitality but, like old soldiers remembering younger days, that strength is waning.

Heralds for Bernie. He is the herald of new energies and the voice of those who have been dis-possessed or left stranded by the old order.

And Transitional Objects for Hillary.  Danielle Egnew calls her a “bridge” between the old masculine-dominated systems and the emerging feminine-oriented world. I see her as the transitional vehicle: the one who has to embody some of the old masculine qualities of power and authority with the feminine aspects of empathy, compassion and the knowing that we, every single one of us, no one excluded, are all equally important, interrelated and indispensable cells in this amazing world we inhabit.


Brian Gibb   May 28, 2016



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